Category Descriptions

Hello y’all! I’d like to take a moment to describe each and every category I’ll be posting in here. There will probably be quite a bit so I find it important to have a place to let my viewers know what each type will be about!

Reviews: These will probably be the most common kinds of posts I make. They will basically be me choosing one game and then talking about it in greater detail. I will point out its pros and cons. What I write will reflect my personal opinions about the game. I will also make a score in the form of #/100.

Reactions: These posts will be a direct response to anything big that Nintendo throws out there in terms of news. Nintendo Directs will most definitely be my biggest source for what I write about. While the category is called “Reactions” I will also act as a news source by reiterating what they said for anybody who didn’t hear it the first time. These posts will be a combination of news and my opinions.

Nintendo Game Forecasts: These posts will only come once a month at the beginning of the month. They will consist of a list of games (big and small) that will be released during that month. Mostly the games will only be from Nintendo. I do not foresee myself posting a game forecast with any games made by other companies (not that I don’t like them. I simply don’t know enough about it to post about it.) These posts may be updated throughout the month if I learn of any other games that are coming out or if any release dates change.

Video Game Music Appreciation: These types of posts will basically be me raving on and on about my favorite songs in a soundtrack or my favorite overall soundtrack compared to other soundtracks. There is more of a possibility that I will branching out in this section since I listen to music from games I haven’t even played. But again, like everything else in this blog, it’ll mainly be about Nintendo.

7’s Favorites: These kinds of posts will be about my favorites (as the name explicitly states)! These may only come once in a long time as I will probably only do these as an end-of-the-year kind of thing (Best of 2015, etc.)

Nintendo Art Corner: These kinds of posts will be posts that feature art that I have personally created myself. These posts will most likely be uncommon since I’m a busy person but, any art that I have created that have something to do with Nintendo will be included in these posts! Or I may choose to make a page for them and display them that way!

My Tomodachi Life: (under construction)

7’s Recommendations: As the name suggests, these pages will be dedicated to my personally picked games that I think deserve more spotlight. I will be featuring games that are not as popular (so in other words, you probably won’t be seeing a Zelda game here) in hopes that people will discover a hidden gem (like I did when I first played it)! These will be in the form of pages in a drop down menu under “7’s Recommendations” on the first page so they will not be in the form of blog posts.

Random Musings: These kinds of posts will be mainly me just talking about whatever I like in the video game world. It won’t be a review or anything. Just my random thoughts (:

Other: These posts will mainly be me talking about things that concern gaming life in general or my blog. (If I have a notice to my readers that I’m going on hiatus or returning from hiatus, for example.)

As of right now, these are all the categories I have come up with. I hope you look forward to reading posts from each of these categories!hanks for reading!



Sleeping Oddish

Disclaimer: I would also like to add that in all of my posts I will be using some kind of media (mostly pictures) and that I do not own any of those pictures. At the end of every post I will provide links to all the pictures I’ve used in that post. The only pictures on my blog that actually belong to me are any pictures I decide to post in the Art Corner of my page (unless stated otherwise) or at the end of certain pages (About Me, here (the oddish), etc.).


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