7’s Recommendations

Hello guys,

I just decided literally 30 seconds ago that I wanted to make a recommendations page for games that I think will be adored by many people. I think I’ll probably avoid the well-known games because c’mon, everybody plays those already. Here I will be picking games that I think are not all that popular but are deserving of some love.

Please use the drop down menu I’ve provided  to see a list of games I chose!   I will be adding more games as I think of them so check back sometimes!

(The drop down menu can be accessed if you hover over the “7’s Recommendations” button that brought you here. You may also use the pictures below. Click on one you think is interesting to read about why I recommend it!)

Coming soon (below)!


Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi


Sources: Hakuoki Image || 999 Image



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