Random Musings: May 21st, 2015 “Oh a Bit of This, a Bit of That”

Hello everybody,

Today I’m going to be doing something a little different. This post won’t be talking about some upcoming game or reviewing a game I’ve purchased recently. Instead, I’ll just be freely writing about whatever pleases me (as long as it has to do with some form of gaming).

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve last written. I’m finally on summer break so I will have time to write all I please in my blog.

Recently, I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim. It’s usually the game I turn to during my summer and winter breaks. I’ve gone through three play-throughs of the game so far and although that might sound like a lot (and it is to me), I never 100% completed the game…not even close. I find that very hard to do with how much Skyrim has to offer. I mean, that game is huge. I am playing as a female Nord. Her main weapon of choice is the bow and arrow. Occasionally, she turns to sword or magic but, mainly it’s just her bow. I’ve got to say, playing through Skyrim with as an archer is one of the most rewarding things ever. There’s something about sneaking up on your prey (yes, prey) and killing them in one shot. Then, you watch as their comrades approach the body with utter confusion…and that’s when you pick them off too. As I’ve always said, Skyrim gives you far too much power…but, I love it. Oh, and I named my person Thalia. Just Thalia.

My first play through was also with a woman but she was red guard. I wanted to make an unpredictable character so I created her female and had her main weapon be the gigantic battle ax (with magic too). My second play through was with a male Khajiit who wielded duel swords and used magic as well. Now, I have Thalia. Next time, I’ll be playing as a non-Khajiit and non-Argonian Male.

In the Nintendo world, I’ve been eagerly awaiting Nintendo’s E3 event. They released a short but entertaining video announcing a rough outline of their E3 schedule. It’s still several weeks away but it’s hard to keep from being excited. I’m also very excited for Splatoon and Puzzles & Dragons Z + Super Mario Bros. Edition (the latter coming out tomorrow woot woot!). I will definitely be enjoying that additional Testfire event this Saturday (3pm to 4pm PT) for Splatoon.

In addition…I’ve been thoroughly enjoying mini games that most people would not even consider a video game. They’re little time management games from Flipline Studios that are completely free and so so strangely addicting. Right now I am glued to Papa’s Donuteria where you run a little donut shop and try your best to make perfect donuts for each and every one of your customers. Perhaps it sounds boring to you hardcore gamers out there and that’s fine but, it’s my cup of tea when I’m not chopping off people’s heads with my battle-axe in Skyrim.

Thanks for reading about my random musings!

Happy gaming!



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