My Tomodachi Life: Introduction “Meet the Islanders”

Hello again guys!

Today I was playing my 3DS and came up with a new idea for a series I can do on my blog: My Tomodachi Life! Ever since June 6th, 2014 I have been actively playing Tomodachi Life on my Nintendo 3DS (with a few months when I went on hiatus). Basically, the purpose of the game is to allow the player to build up a community on a small island. You begin with just one Mii, the Mii that you made to represent yourself when you first purchased your Nintendo system. You can watch them as they grow, make friends, fall in love, and get into fights with friends. It’s a lot like the Sims except not quite as complex.

It would be ideal to have started a blog featuring a brand new island that I started simultaneously with this new series of blog posts but… I can’t bring myself to start a new island. It would mean deleting my current save data along with all my Miis. So I think I’ll just have a blog featuring my current Miis as they are right now.

This post will be mainly introducing some of the more popular Miis on the island (the ones I spend the most time with and are my favorites). Throughout the posts you will see many of my Miis, not just the 16 I choose to introduce in here. Currently I have a grand total of 70 Miis on the island of Sunnyside.

Without much further ado, lets meet the Miis!



Meet Maria. She is a tiny little lady but very much adored by her husband Paul. Maria was one of the first Miis I introduced to the game and represents one of the most successful marriages ever to exist on Sunnyside Island. Although she looks young, she is the proud mother of Kevin, Aaliyah, Jasmine, and Scarlett.



Paul! The loving husband to Maria and island heartthrob, Paul is one of the best looking guys on Sunnyside. Of course, this isn’t according to me. According to the Sunnyside Rankings, he is definitely the man every girl wants… Honestly, I don’t see it but I’m not a Mii.



The first Jessica to live on the island. As of right now, the island has 4 Jessicas… She is the lucky first. Jessica (aka Jess to her fellow Miis) is happily married to Brandon and is the proud mother to Hannah and Jaxon.



Angus. He looks a little goofy. It’s because he is. And I personally enjoy making him look like a complete idiot by dressing him up in funny outfits. The fact that he’s a short little Mii makes it even funnier. The ladybug outfit just wouldn’t look as good on Paul as it does on Angus! Why is he the unfortunate object of my amusement? I don’t really know. Currently dating a woman much younger than him (not to mention taller than him). He was once married (To Jessica R. but is now divorced.



Meet Ellis! Or Elli for short. She’s the first child to move to the island and boy, is she cute! I created Ellis to be a sort of saint-like child. She’s innocent and intelligent. Never would dream of breaking the rules. She has been the object of Ronald’s affections for many years.



Hatsuke. No, no it’s not “Hat-sook”. It’s pronounced like a Japanese pronunciation (Hot-soo-kay). Hatsuke is the type that thinks a lot of himself. He’s smart and he knows it. Once divorced, Hatsuke is now dating a woman much younger than him. Unfortunately, there are a handful of guys who are doing that on the island.



I originally created Mihora (also pronounced in a Japanese way) to be either Hatsuke’s sister or his girlfriend. But I wasn’t sure which one would work better so I left it open. Unfortunately for Hatsuke, Mihora did not ever fall into those categories. Mihora is now known as the freaky girl with the creepy room. She has a weird sense of fashion and is described by many to be a little…witch-like?



Ronald! The youngest kid on the island (or, at least he was). He loves to cause mischief and is full of energy. He has a lot of friends (his best being Thomas) but the love of his life is definitely Elli. Unfortunately, she’s never really returned his affections. Maybe one day when they’re both older she’ll finally realize how great he is? Not even I know right now.



Jessica! One of the four Jessicas. To her fellow Miis she is just known as Jessica. Once married to Hatsuke (but no longer), Jessica has stayed away from the dating scene but has found happiness in being with her friends who love her all the same.



Rick. His face permanently frozen in this unhappy, dissatisfied glare. He’s actually not really that grumpy of a guy but he chooses to always look like he is. Sadly, it’s just in his genes. This is evident when you see his kids… He is happily married to Britney and is the proud father of two beautiful girls: Ashley, and Lily and one son (he was just born today…and… I can’t remember his name).


Jessica R.

Meet Jessica R. The third of the Jessicas. Although small, she is a force to be reckoned with as she is the only Mii on the island that is twice divorced with one child. Her child, Madison, is scarily an exact clone of her except with the skin tone of her father. Jessica R. is still waiting for her Mr. Right.



Brandon. Jess’ husband. When I first created Brandon I meant for him to be a huge jerk who everybody kind of despised. Fortunately for him he met Jess. I was actually pretty annoyed at this but decided that I’d make it so that Brandon changed into a decent guy because of Jess. So, he isn’t so despised anymore. He is the proud father of Jaxon and Hannah.



The island’s first fashionista. Meet Britney. She loves the color pink and is the kind of Mii to go out and shop…a lot. Her days of shopping and inches of makeup applied to her face are long gone as she has settled down with Rick and has three beautiful children.



Meet Antuan! He was the most mature guy to move to the island (in terms of age) back when the island wasn’t as populated. He is still currently single but I personally hope he will realize his love for Ronda. Antuan can often be seen wearing over-the-top outfits: costumes ranging from police man outfits to hot dogs…even if it’s not Halloween.



Meet Rüla! I don’t really know how I came up with her name. But I created her to be the child genious. She has big dreams of becoming an adult resulting from her thinking that her success is often held back by her tender age. I ended up giving her a child-to-adult potion. She’s now dating Angus. Does that make him a pedophile?



Last up is Lloyd. He has an intense love of music and for his wife Katlyn and sons Christian and Brody (both were lucky enough to inherit those lovely eyebrows). Lloyd can sometimes be seen at the fountain practicing his guitar.

Whew, that was a lot. That’s really just the tip of the iceberg since I have 70 Miis in all. I will not even bother introducing them all. Hopefully, if you follow with this series of posts you will get to know all the Miis. Some of them will definitely appear more often than others. It really just depends on if anything especially extravagant happens. With this game there really are endless possibilities. I really hope you liked my introductions to some of the Miis that have since become very dear to my heart. I have enjoyed watching them grow and develop lives on the island of Sunnyside. Although this game is often described as weird…maybe even worthy of “bizarre”, it has become a game I have grown to love because of my relationships with the residents of Sunnyside.

(Please refer to the “Category Descriptions” page under “Other” on the main menu if you are curious about how these posts will be structured in the future. Give me some time but, I should have that up soon. Also, I have a brand gallery in the sidebar! Check it out from time to time as I will be adding new pics pretty often!)

Now here are a few bonus screenshots featuring the Miis!


The winners of the male hotness competition…. Paul is evidently proud.


Dancers during a techno concert (from left to right: Paul, Elli, Lloyd, Jessica R., Angus, Nicki, and Hatsuke)


A Photo taken by a fellow Mii. Depicts two couples! (Nicki and Thomas in the back and Paul and Maria closer)


A circle of Miis enjoy tossing Maria around!


Some of the kids that were on the island! They’ve all grown up since then. (From left to right: Christian, Hannah, Jasmine, Richie, Ronald, Lily, Elli, Brody, and some kid… Sorry kiddo. I forgot your name.)


Jessica confessing her love for Max! I didn’t think the michelin man was all that manly but… hey, whatever floats your boat.

Thanks so much for reading!



P.S. I have recently decided to add a page called 7’s Recommendations. It will feature games that I think deserve a little bit more spotlight. Please check it out (link in the main menu)!

Source: Tomodachi Life Feature Photo 


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